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31 August 2022 (I hear you talking but I don’t hear a thing)

It’s the city wolfed down by serial greed But it didn’t always work like this This was where many got lost in fleeting fame In those mahjong tiles and all kinds of game

Here was the chance to get fat on tofu Gold flecked dim sum and boom boom girls Play it right and be famous tomorrow This was the penis envy of the world

Chungking Express and Wong Kar-wai Expat packages and a five star lifestyle This reality series was always trending There were only always happy endings

People in ivory towers and wearing blinds Kung fu hustle and playing for keeps A great divide was rapidly appearing But people only see what they want it to be

Power corrupts and plenty of fool’s gold Celebrity chefs and other flim flam schemes Somewhere the piper always has to be paid The singer relives those Shattered Dreams

Don’t say it’s “cool” and call me “baby” Your time has come and long time gone No one wants to hear the same old stories About everything you say you’ve almost done

Legends gather again in their own lunchtime Swapping stories and living a lie The wine is good and continues to flow The tap is then turned off, the river runs dry

Psycho girl shaved my head ‘cos she loved me Two weeks later her mind was somewhere else Said she met by chance a very rich man And then she was bought to share his bed

Damaged goods don’t go down well with me That dark past always rises to the top Trying to play little homemaker doesn’t work That Go sign quickly comes to a stop

Misadventures have their time and place Sobriety makes the words suddenly clear I hear you talking but I don’t hear a thing Close the door and now leave, my dear There’s nothing more I have to say

Copyright © Hans Ebert 31 August 2022

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