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And how do you plan to save the world?

Never say never, but in all my years in Hong Kong, never have I seen the city so disparate, desperate, fragmented, and let’s toss lost into the salad mix.

It’s every man and woman manning the lifeboats. Out on their own are those children, all too often seemingly forgotten and, hate to say it, but left to sink or swim.

It’s ugly, but this is what the pandemic, and the post pandemic world has wrought on the world- petty jealousies, fake everything and people walking on eggshells, but with no idea where they’re going and what’s next. And let’s face it, with no one getting younger, how much time does one have to enjoy the fruits de loom of their labours?

Remember when fifty was “the new thirty”? These days, fifty is “the new seventy” whereas just counting up to seventy takes too bloody long.

Thinking of life and living before the new abnormal is a waste of time, because no one cares enough to bother about anything or anyone else except perhaps updating their Facebook profile.

Priorities are outta whack and inspiration and motivation are MIA.

As I keep mentioning to the handful of people I make the time to meet, the world seems to have entered The Age Of Stupidious- kinda like The Age Of Aquarius, but without letting the sun shine in.

Why? Rampant and terminal Stupidious.

Recently, I met some guys for lunch trying to make their mark in the music industry. None had done the maths, and had no understanding about the simple scale of economics and how, instead of adding up, numbers lie.

Lunch, like most lunches today, was pie in the sky stuff with long lapses of silence that made those often tediously vapid lunches with sales people from television music channels seem like secret meetings with Mensa.

What’s the answer? Maybe, like poor old Johnny, put on Sinatra and start to cry?

More rewarding might be taking one’s god-given talents and making these work best to help try and get wherever we are up and moving in the right direction.

Giving up and giving in to negativity and The Revenge Of The Ankle Biters is not exactly a viable option.

We- all of us- have been put on this particular journey for a reason. We might not realise it, but we have.

Maybe everything that’s happening around us is the ultimate test to see who the leaders are and who are the shotgun weepers?

It’s a worthwhile question to at least try and understand and see where we land and what answers are staring us in the face.



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