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And then Merlin waved his wand…

Sometimes it starts for no reason

It’s like you’re trying to find your way

You row past the mists of Avalon

And stumble upon a very different day

Thundering hooves are heard in the distance

And there are voices you don’t know

It brings you to where you’ve never been

Things are hazy and moving kinda slow

They say they’re here to see a Mirror boy

And that his name is Anson Lo

His young followers have come to see him

They’re somewhere they will never know

For some of the city’s village elders

There are dancers and singer Kelly Chen

It’s time to shake your body down

It happens these days now and then

Prince Anson shows up wearing one glove

And he starts to shake his body down

He raps about getting ready for a Stranger

And thrusts his hips round and round

He repeats the words Money Money Money

And raps about something to do with cash

His young fans seem quiet and mesmerised

Maybe this wasn’t quite their kinda bash?

The magic man won the first race

It was for long time friend Caspar Fownes

Welcome back, Joao Moreira, the fans said

He hadn’t let his followers down

The Mauritian magician had a point to make

It was written in everything he did

When he took out the second race of the day

He almost seemed to have flipped his lid

It was then fast forward and some FWD

To the main course being served

The Hong Kong Champions didn’t let

the home side down

They never once lost their nerve

This was a day for those local Champions

Home grown Champions of the turf

Riders and those equine athletes

Some being the best in the world

The Japanese raiders boiled over fast

They’d already gone and run their race

But there was good prize money to be had

And no one today really lost any face

Some might say it was predictable

Others will say it was a big time win

Hong Kong racing was looking like a winner

And not some empty McVities biscuit tin

It could have been a medieval type drama

A dog’s breakfast kinda day

But everything and more came together

Everyone had a different role to play

The Octopus Dance was kept in check

Happy must have been playing in some heads

Numbers must have added up real good

With much shoe shining

from those easily led

Hong Kong has gone and changed forever

And, baby, you know so have I

There’s still much work for me to do

And knowing exactly how and why

No time for walking on eggshells

No time to cower in serial fear

Time to respect individual thinking

And make feelings loud and clear

No time for looking back, he said

Merlin knows what lies ahead

It’s travelling where no one’s been before

It’s about standing out from the rest

The Lady Of The Lake, she waits for me

And the three nuns row me somewhere

Some place where there’s no turning back

And my Guinevere is waiting there

It’s all about life’s priorities

With frivolous things thrown in for fun

It’s all part of some weird bouillabaisse

Served with a hot cross char siu bun

Copyright ©️ Hans Ebert, April 30, 2023

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