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Breaking with tradition

There’s always a need to break with tradition and stop being a creature of habit. Every woman who has lived with me would hardly describe me as being adventurous.

This is especially true when it comes to eating habits, taking vacations, shopping, and how, where I feel the most comfortable is watching television no matter wherever in the world I am and how I have no interest in anything that takes me away from set comfort zones.

After all, why screw with fate and pick up strays?

It’s never too late of course to teach old dogs new tricks. Either that, or old dogs suddenly start showing tiny signs of making a break with tradition.

For example, I feel comfortable in only certain restaurants, and always know where I wanna sit, which is with my back to the wall, and what I am going to order.

Boring? Maybe. It’s also about erring on the side of caution and not being reckless.

Guess it’s like the women who attract me. There’s definitely a “type”. But in the last 2-3 years, this “type” can’t be taken for granted though being attracted to those with the gamin looks of Audrey Hepburn and the ability to carry off wearing flats remain- beige and light blue flats, the better.

Though still having my favourite menu- Jimmy’s Kitchen’s legendary Madras Chicken Curry- no longer available anywhere in the world- Spicy McChicken Burgers at around 3am, Italian Salted Sea Bass at Da Domenico, and all Sichuan cuisine.

There’s of course Sri Lankan food- my motherland’s traditional Chicken Curry, Lamprais, below, string hoppers with mulligatawny and any curry plus some pol sambal.

There have recently been two new additions to pique the tastebuds.

One is the Chicken and Sweet Corn Congee delivered piping hot from Pret A Manger- my perfect breakfast for someone who’s never been interested before in having breakfast.

Add to this, a dish of Creamy Chicken And Mushroom Vol Au Vent.

Acquiring a taste for this Chicken Vol Au Vent was only re-discovered quite recently when aimlessly walking around the buffet table at the Tiffin Lounge of the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong and too bored to eat.

It’s here that I saw some small pastries. I took three of these plus a selection of cheeses and some pâté de foie gras.

What hit the g-spot in my palate was the chicken filling in the pastries. Forget the flaky pastry outside.

It’s not unlike my longtime amigo in horse racing- trainer Caspar Fownes- who’s not too shy to ask a restaurant manager for the stuffing from samosas to take away in a doggy bag and enjoy for breakfast the next day.

So, when I saw Richard Greaves, General Manager of the hotel “working the floor”, I asked for the same- the stuffing without the flaky stuff.

He delivered in spades- an entire dish of Chicken Vol Au Vent. A few days later while having lunch with one of my favourite ladies, I ordered the same dish. She liked what she saw and asked for a taste. She liked it.

Now, she’s a believer. Breaking with tradition has taken one small important step for Hanskind.

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