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Poem: Don’t overstay your welcome 

Don’t overstay your welcome 

The hounds are nipping at your heels 

Nothing ever lasts forever 

There’s always a final reel 

They build you up to bring you down 

It’s how it’s always been 

Superstars burn out real fast 

Nothing lasts forever as it might seem

Two and two might add up to five

But it can quickly become three

Falls from grace are a daily occurrence 

Look at what happened to me 

Thought I had it all and more

Until it became a sunset industry 

I was thrown off the golden horse 

And suddenly I was part of history 

Desperation is creeping in fast 

There’s sudden panic in the air 

Disappearing tricks are making the rounds 

Cons are being discovered everywhere 

Copyright ©️ Hans Ebert

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