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The new entrepreneur in the post pandemic era...

The world is currently staring at a blank canvas with the question being who’s going to create what’s going to be up there next that will be a game changer- and life changer?

As we slowly and cautiously enter the post pandemic era, the world has changed completely, and so have all of us in ways we don’t even understand.

There’s been such a huge paradigm shift that it’s turned everything on its head and with the only constant being change- and then more change.

It’s like Alice going down the rabbit hole and pretty much willing to accept anything that makes nonsense.

We’ve all been through the ringer and with many maybe far more exclusive these days about who and what we allow in. One doubts that we’re going to keep on inhaling the entire buffet.

Maybe it was greed that brought about our undoing. Taking everything being offered is like that old saying how there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Somewhere along the way the piper must be paid.

Steve Jobs coming along and changing the way the world connects and communicates with each other was a game changer when thinking we only needed our trusty Nokia.

What’s happened since then is looking at all this technology at our fingertips and asking ourselves, Now what?

Facebook memories, Instagram irreverence or Twitter blitzkriegs whereas there’s all that swiping going around on Tinder and online dating sites like an old Barbra Streisand sang about people needing people.

Here- and there- the concept of love has changed forever. So, the question is this: Is everyone now happy?

It’s of course good to question many things, but it’s even better to have answers to these and to carefully keep these thought bubbles in check and to yourself.

Who knows where the next Big Idea is going to come from and, maybe, how big we want this to be.

Big isn’t necessarily better. Big often gets in the way and becomes a lumbering blob that brings nothing of value to the world- things like kindness, feel good moments and working as one global team to bring happiness.

We should have seen by now that being a hoarder and collecting more and more of everything and especially money is hardly going to buy happiness. And if all the money in the world can’t help you enjoy life, what’s really the point of it all?

We work to live comfortably and enjoy life with those we want in our lives. But when consumed to have more and more money, it’s all a bit like being Willy Wonka- a lonely, twisted man with only Oompah Loompahs for company.

Willy Wonka is a weirdly fascinating character created by Roald Dahl to perhaps warn that greed and power don’t get us very far.

Could Willy Wonka have been Howard Hughes? Or maybe Michael Jackson became him? Just thought I’d throw that out there.

It’s an interesting concept- Willy Wonka meeting Howard Hughes and who, despite all their money and chocolate factories and aircrafts couldn’t find love. They never won that Gold Ticket. Neither did Michael Jackson.

Don’t many of us know someone like them? Isn’t he who John Lennon wrote about and called the Nowhere Man?

Getting back to finding happiness, music has certainly played its role, perhaps more in discovering about ourselves which we kept under wraps for too long as this was how we were brought up to be.

Somewhere along the way, this was replaced by style over substance and eventually dumbass vapidity.

It’s not what those pioneers in music like Berry Gordy Jr, the Ertegun Brothers, Chris Blackwell and a handful of others who started recording companies and created homes for artists at Motown, Atlantic, Island etc.

Let’s also not forget the entrepreneurial spirit and vision of Richard Branson, his independent Virgin imprint, its first release that was “Tubular Bells” from Michael Oldfield and how the Virgin brand has grown.

What’s becoming more and more interesting is the renewed interest by today’s generation in the music of the Beatles, Queen, Bowie and others.

There’s a genuine interest in wanting to know about all this music I grew up with and all the music introduced to me by father.

It’s a renewed interest in an art form that has got lost in the clutter of having too much too soon and losing focus of life’s priorities.

Just maybe The New Entrepreneurialism will be to push Rewind instead of Fast Forward to take the time out to exhale and gather our bearings? Maybe we allowed ourselves to become slaves to technology and kinda coasted along letting the long tail wag the dog...

If I had a magic wand, I would create a new Hong Kong. It’s more than sad to see a picture of a once wonderful city crumbling before my eyes and replaced by fear, and plenty of loathing to do with many of those pretty fat cat people falling from their steeples and forced to see how the other half lives.

Maybe we saw this ball of confusion hurtling our way and never thought it would affect us. But it did, it has and the question is, What’s next- wherever we are in the world.

Maybe, we and, more importantly, the generations to come, will be better people for taking a step back...


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