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Racing writer for the SCMP “Slamming” Sammy Agars is only doing his job and is at least showing signs of having gonads, and writing today about jockey James McDonald flying in and out of Hong Kong and “plundering more loot than Zac Purton” etc is addressing the elephant in the room that many have tiptoed around.


With today’s Hong Kong not exactly on firm economic footing and an unhappy local community feeling that they are continued to be used as a midnight run for supposed marquee value international jockeys involved in the horse racing game, is not going down well these days with some in very high places- and not only in Hong Kong.


Taxation issues are being questioned.


All we can say is that some things need to be reined in before many more million dollar questions are finally asked along with Return On Investments that actually add up.


These questions will become more and more loud, especially after the demise of racing in neighbouring Macau, and questions about what the MJC was supposedly doing at the last Asian Racing Conference- as was the Singapore Turf Club- held in Melbourne last December? 


The Asian Racing Federation (ARF) big boys didn’t know what was coming down the pike with the racing in Singapore and Macau? 


The ARF ARF People didn’t make a song and dance about any of like this, instead seemingly enjoying another money squandering junket discussing dress codes and pretty much nothing else?


Another question: Could ARF be about to be blindsided again- this time by the good people at CitiBet in the Philippines?


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