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We might be going back to the future with Marty McFly, but this time with no idea where we’ll land.

This going back in time might have been exciting and invigorating before the great plague of 2018 when the world was caught off guard, kept locked down and locked out, and now that we’re starting to find our sea legs again, we’re wobbling all over the place like aliens from a Gary Larson Far Side cartoon.

The world has changed forever, we’re very different people and almost born again in this new abnormal and unsure about anything and even wondering if our lives before 2018 were mistakes.

We’re far more alone than before and this is actually okay.

We’ve come out of where we once were and being far more selective and our minds and emotions rewired where new priorities are still unclear.

One guesses that the question many are asking themselves is, What next?

For myself, it’s wondering where the New Thinkers are who are able to put words into action and get whatever is needed actually off the ground and airborne.

Things appear to be grounded almost indefinitely because those who can make a difference are either no longer with us or have decided to live a Happily Ever After life.

And don’t ever think that the lockdown years have not affected forever and processing everything we went through and trying to forget many things including sometimes differentiating truth from reality and dreams from nightmares and pulp fiction.

In the place of the New Thinkers are those who have entered into the fray of life and are pretty much very thinly veiled opportunists. They have a name card and maybe a story to spin and not much else except for a profile on Facebook.

Yes, there’s a lack of substance from many of these people, something made worse with endless and often pointless networking and conferences with so much being on Repeat.

There’s been an upgrading of mediocrity into positions where they don’t belong, because decision makers are so thin on the ground, much of everything that’s nothing, falls through the cracks as many are skating on thin ice.

The answer is no longer blowing in the wind, and the times have changed and keep changing so much and so quickly that we’re losing touch with reality as we accept leaders unable to lead without watching our parking meters.

The words and music of Bob Dylan should be a course in schools and universities.

Life today is about re-learning and rediscovering and, maybe, just maybe, digging yourself out of that hole that perhaps you were born into and are only now clawing yourself into the light.

Everything you learned before through trial and terror and plenty of errors was only an audition to ready you for the real world.


Copyright ©️ Hans Ebert

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