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What Metaverse?

And now it’s the metaverse. It’s the new buzzword. Many I know are reading up on the metaverse so as not to be left out.

Left out of what? Whatever is “happening” because The Zuck says it is, so it must be true, right?

About ten years ago, my girlfriend at the time and I went to watch Christopher Nolan’s “Inception”. I didn’t get it, she didn’t get it. Maybe we were blissfully dumb.

For the past week, HBO Family has been showing “Inception” again and around three times a day.

My partner and I have been trying to follow and understand it, but still can’t other than, maybe, dreams are reality and reality are dreams and weird s*** happens when worlds collide

Though not knowing nearly enough about the metaverse and virtual worlds and happy in our ignorance, watching “Inception” provided us with some answers as to what this “chapter and verse” might be about...or maybe not.

Personally speaking, too much of things going “virtual” can rob us of our god-given abilities to think, create, feel and love in their “natural habitat”.

All this comes from within.

It’s not artificial intelligence.

It’s about keeping it real and being streetwise.

Maybe it’s about re-learning to think for ourselves.

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