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Stupidity And Ignorance And Superficiality are rife. It’s everywhere- and not just hiding between the lines either. Stupidity doesn’t discriminate.

The Hong Kong Rugby Sevens 

Proof positive that we can be an international and happy city.

Siobhan Haughey 

The Hong Kong born world champion swimmer with the winning smile and the best role model the city has, especially for young girls. 

What bothers us is hearing some mention that Siobhan would be receiving far greater attention from the media if she wasn’t Eurasian. It was rather upsetting to hear that being half Chinese and half Irish makes her “neither here nor there”. Here’s hoping that this is untrue.

Article 23.

Much discussed but with very few knowing what it is and what it means and maybe that it only sounds officious and rather threatening. Maybe there could be “Article 23: The Musical” to lighten things up?

Sri Lanka as a tourist destination

Where many in Hong Kong are investing in and moving to and with plans to even have its own version of Lan Kwai Fong.

Big hit: The fabulous Ministry Of Crab.

The New Club BBoss

A HK$500 million investment to be a new version of the iconic Club BBoss from the Eighties for the “younger and affluent generation”. What could this mean? No idea, but at least this promises to be more than the already diffused Temple Street “night vibes”.


What almost every other person in Hong Kong with some vague idea that’s not been properly thought through is looking for to give the city something that it probably doesn’t need.


Happy Wednesday at Happy Valley

Definitely not what it was despite the efforts of the Hong Kong Jockey Club to get things moving and grooving- but being rather tacky. 

The Champagne Bar

It’s lost its bubbles and lost its fizz. It’s a damn shame to see the Champagne Bar at the Grand Hyatt Hotel limp around like it’s doing.

Once upon a crouton, the most popular meeting place in Hong Kong, and where it was no surprise to run into Keanu Reeves, President Clinton, stunning models, singer Norah Jones and Hong Kong’s movers and shakers, what you get these days is something completely wrong for these times simply because the city is not exactly all champagne and caviar. It’s more like congee and crumbs. 

The Standard Of English

It’s no longer even in Chinglish.

Might be time to bring back the old RTHK television series hosted by Josiah Lau and called “One Minute English”.

The TV series “Expats” that was filmed in Hong Kong about the expat lifestyle in Hong Kong.

Actress and Co-producer Nicole Kidman was sneaked into Hong Kong during the Covid years without having to go through mandatory quarantine with the television series touted by the government at the time as being “good for the city”.

It was never shown in Hong Kong and dismissed by those who saw just one episode as “craps Suzettes”.

Vouchers and the usual suspects 

When everything else fails, give out vouchers and spend taxpayers money on goofy promotions that talk to itself and go nowhere real fast.

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