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15 November 2021

I am a very lucky man

Seeing where I was and

where I am today

It’s not a place that can be described

Life stories with twists and turns

seldom can

It was like throwing a mystery ball

up in the air

And not knowing

where it might land

Dark skinned boy didn’t belong

in a taipan carpet world

But someone was looking over him

They took his hand and

the journey began

To where one learned to sink or swim

Met the girl who would change his life

Everything should have changed

but some things never did

Love doesn’t just come and go

Real love stays forever

Holding onto lost memories

in a jar on the window sill

Craziness mixed with happiness

is sometimes what’s needed

It’s a cockeyed cocktail to wake you up

As the wind blows life along

Faithfully following that paper cup

Danish pastries and eyes wide shut

Ironing out all those kinks

Always finding time for some new ones

Keeping count of all those links

You knew you had to let them go

If you wanted her to stay

But you couldn’t fight urge overkill

Not even for twenty one lockdown days

Don’t know what you were trying to prove

To whom and what and where

Gotta shrug off all that teenage angst

To see who’s still standing there

She’s been with you through thick and thin

For better and for worse

She’s been your mother, wife and lover

She’s even been your full time nurse

She’s always been there for you

When there was no one by your side

Even when you lost your way

And didn’t know left from right

You’re a very lucky man, my friend

Don’t throw it all away again

This time that boomerang

might never come back

When no one’s there to play

Change the recipe and shoot the cook

Feed your head with something new

Take off that record playing on Repeat

No one cares about what

anyone did yesterday

I see crowns slipping fast

and clowns slipping on banana peels

There’s nothing of any substance

They’re all more important

than anyone else

It’s all about self survival

Copyright © Hans Ebert

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