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20 July 2022

Boredom makes you do silly things To ease the pain of those memories They’re jump cuts to try and make you forget And blur the truth with life’s vagaries

Diana says she wants to save me Her weekend Jesus is just not working right If he was always looking out for her She wouldn’t be such a desperate housewife

So much desperation going around So many vultures hovering overhead Keep your head down and sit tight And listen to everything not being said

I just wanna have a good night’s sleep And be delivered from all this evil Lose myself for forty days and forty nights Stay away from another emotional upheaval

Those who always have the answers Seldom know what’s right from wrong They’re always singing loudly at church Amen to that and now again be born

Annie wants to know if I really believe I just say something to make her feel good Now she thinks that I’m lusting after her I’m way too polite to go and be rude

James says he’s seen fire and rain All that happened in a different time These days there’s so much darkness Even forgetting diversity could be a crime

Leaders who can’t lead and falling fast Feet of clay always stuck in the mud And yet the disciples can only agree And worship fools they see as god

This is where there’s so much hypocrisy Too many just kidding themselves Finding solace in all that click bait But they’re still there left on the shelf

Show me who you are with no filters Put that mobile phone down What are you gonna do without it? Will the world you’re in stop going around?

Ever tried to have a conversation? And all you get is an awkward silence? These are the times that I miss her the most She was there for me and my best friend

But that was never enough for me I was always tap dancing around for more Weak and busted and going nowhere And finding love on the ballroom floor

There wasn’t love there it was nothing It was empty and hollow and bad There was a Judas hiding in the shadows He knew those who were lost and sad

These days there are some answers Though they’re maybe hard to find Still it’s good to know they’re there for me And that you’re a true friend of mine

Copyright © Hans Ebert 2022

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