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7.31.2022 (Look at the world with the heart of a child and life will become more beautiful)

He was always searching for something, which even he couldn’t tell what it was.

Whatever it might have been, it wasn’t wherever he was.

He had friends, but no one he could depend on nor who could inspire him.

He had lost the only person he ever loved when she moved away and so he was always trying to get that feeling again. But it was never the same.

One day, all that changed when he was walking through the streets lost in his thoughts. He felt someone or something brush past him. Before he could see who or what it was, he felt himself going up and up and up on some invisible escalator.

There were thoughts and feelings going through him and swirling around him that he had never felt before.

He could dream again without fear. He had new thoughts about everything that were somehow lost to him before.

He was a child, yet he was meant to be an adult.

Maybe this was the point- to go back and start from the start with a clean slate. And which he did...

His new journey into days of future past began by seemingly floating above the skies on the edge of a feather.

He could see down, but he only wanted to look up.

He was filled with a wonderful sense of freedom.

This freedom made him optimistic and believe how anything was possible if done for the real reasons.

Would he know what was and wasn’t real? Or could he get lost along the way?

This was when the sky parted and he entered what looked like another world.

It was a world full only of children. He seemed to recognise some, and felt that maybe he had been here before. But he wasn’t certain.

It was then that a little girl about his age approached him and seemed to know who he was.

She looked very familiar to him and he thought he recognised her voice. No, he was sure of it.

“Leave the anger behind and learn to let things go”, she said. “I’ve always told you that, but you never listened”.

While she was speaking, he realised that all guilt was leaving him. His shoulders relaxed and so did his mind.

The pretty girl, however, she wasn’t there anymore. He looked around but she was nowhere to be found.

“Don’t go!” he called out.

He heard her reply from somewhere down amongst the hills, “I am always with you. I have never left you just as you have never left me”.

It was then that he heard a voice he definitely knew.

“You’ll see her again,” he said before adding, “What took you so long?”

He was a boy about his age with long curly hair. Just how he remembered him.

“It’s got out of control over there, hasn’t it?” he asked looking behind him. “That’s why I left. There’s so much going on over there, but nothing is leading anywhere. It’s a merry go round.

“There are so many other places to be instead. You stay wherever makes you feel comfortable”.

The boy laughed and he also knew that laugh.

“We look in on that place now and again to see how everyone is doing and if they’re not fitting in, we try to make them switch off and travel here”.

“Here” was everywhere and nowhere and it’s also where those who really mattered to him, and who he thought he had lost, now lived.

And that’s the moral of the story: Look at the world with the heart of a child and life will become more beautiful ❤

Copyright ©️ Hans Ebert, July 31, 2022


Then, when something needed to be said, a little girl spoke up: “You already have happiness. You carry it with you every day. Just unlock your heart and let it in”.

So began the journey into the magical kingdom called MoHap- More Happiness.

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