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The game is changing quickly 

The ducks aren’t all in a row

The old ways are gone forever 

New ways aren’t going with the flow 

The jester has run out of every trick 

His time has come and gone 

No one’s listening to what he says 

We now know every single con

He’s paid for those order takers

There are gorillas in the mist

Some are waiting for one small mistake 

That removes him from the list 

His time ended many years ago 

Everyone knew he was on borrowed time 

Happiness bought through greediness 

Always has an abrupt ending line 

Forty will soon become fifty 

And sixty will come knocking fast

Has-beens will be in rocking chairs 

Wondering why things didn’t last 

The one eyed witch doctor 

He sees pretty much every thing

He hears the empty talk 

And listens to the parrots sing

So many talking nonsense 

So many in the lost and found 

So many making up stories 

All you hear are whistling sounds

The truth will always win the game 

The fakirs are down to lose

The ace always trumps the queen 

And someone must 

end up being the fool

Copyright ©️ Hans Ebert

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