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“All The Happy Dirty Secrets” 1

Your venom is pretty and poisonous I can taste it on your lips How did you ever get past me? How exactly did you give me the slip?

How did you fool so many? So many times and for so long Like getting married for quick money And then you were again long gone

But karma has a way of catching up It’s there to show up truth from lies It’s too late now for another act Take a bow and say goodbye

You’re not getting any younger, dear No time to restart engines again You’ve run outta more fools to use Not every sucker punch is the same

Been playing poker for way too long It’s knowing when to cash it in Can smell when someone’s bluffing Playing the right cards is everything

You’ve played dirty and done the maths You were looking after number one Think I don’t know what you did? How you even seduced her son?

Family is always everything Family is outta bounds No one comes between family There’s always a guardian angel around

They appear in many disguises And leave when their work is done They’re patient and wait for the moment When they see things coming undone

They know every dark secret Payback time is shining bright And then when you least expect it He smiles and blow out all your lights ......... From the upcoming novella “All The Happy Dirty Secrets”

Copyright © Hans Ebert

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