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Creativity has no rules...

Creativity has no rules and with no rules, there are no formulas and having no formulas means avoiding visiting the same old places and coming up with things that are not new and if not new no one is interested in knowing what you have or what you’re selling or who you are as you’re boring and grey instead of being black or white or mauve and which means falling through the cracks and being flushed down a river of no return and getting lost along the way but maybe this is good because you’re breaking down barriers and not looking back while taking detours and going where some say you should not go but that’s because they like to take the easy way out as these are coasters who float through their life saying all the right things and playing roles which means that everyone is in the same gym and pumping iron that’s malleable and silly putty and being what you think people want you to be except that this isn’t why you’re here and why now is not back there and life is not a bowl of cherry coloured clichés and clichés don’t lead anywhere except going around and around in circles that are squares and squares are boxes that are jails and so you need to break out and...

Copyright ©️ Hans Ebert

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