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21 December 2021

Updated: May 2, 2022

You stayed with her cos she smelled so good

And you loved her every touch

Music played every time she talked in

And through her smile you learned so much

She could see who was wrong

And who to really trust

She knew bro from ho ho ho

She knew when things turned to rust

It didn’t matter who they were

It was about things never said

Words don’t have any meaning

When you see what’s

dancing in their heads

She didn’t like those who played the ponies

To her they were a different breed

Always trying to be someone else

And having to hide every kinda greed

There go the Haves and the Have Nots

Them and their twitchy games

Even when the gig is well and truly up

The narrative stays the same

Sparkling wine is never Champagne

There go those who try and impress

Someone needs to tell them this:

It’s not what you wear

but how you undress

You’re not getting any younger, dear

You never became that socialite

Those marriages always fell apart

Took a left and you missed Mr Right

You had someone very special

But you wanted everything and more

It’s not about shagging

everything in sight

It’s about knowing

who walks through that door

They say it’s all about timing

When some things happen

and others disappear

Often it means

starting all over again

With no regrets or fear

Copyright ©️ Hans Ebert December 2021

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