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Hans Ebert Poetry | 3 May 2022

Stranger in an even stranger land

Trying his best to find his way

“It’s not going to be easy”, they said

“Some are gonna play with your head

“You’ve got something going against you, son

“It’s about the colour of your skin

“You’re not going to be welcomed aboard

“Be prepared to sink or swim”

Watched my father bend over to belong

Saw my mother slowly lose her mind

Heard every one of those family secrets

You never know what you might find

Love will always stay and last forever

Even when everything else has gone

But as loneliness is not a good place to be

Someone new always comes along

And they came from all over the world

They were looking for tea and sympathy

And you enjoyed them feeling very needed

You always had time for their dark company

Saw my old man drowning fast

He was trying to make ends meet

Parents were trying their best to fit in

It’s tough when life’s always on Repeat

But you were so much younger then

Life was always on auto glide

One took the bad with the rest

And ended up on the other side

Slow down, she would always say

There’s no runaway train to catch

Learned much from she who left too soon

She got lost in the cabbage patch

Me and Steve we had it all

We didn’t know it at the time

We had our own ways to communicate

And make all those big words rhyme

We learned much from observation

It was the best school there ever was

We always kept our thinking in check

And took in everything we saw

Some things we didn’t wanna see

But sometimes one must face the truth

Life is never a bed of roses

There’s always a thorn hiding in the bush

Lost Sundance along the way

Maybe he just didn’t wanna be found

He checked outta here way too soon

His drums were looking for a different sound

Met the right girl along the way

She was everything and more

But nothing ever really lasts forever

At least that’s how a love song goes

You hold on and keep holding on

You really want this thing to work

But when losing the keys again and again

You’re just rummaging in the dirt

Went from North Point to Causeway Bay

From Caine Road to Bonham Strand

Park Place and Jardine’s Lookout

With no one offering a giving hand

Guess good things come to those who wait

A young family and a cat and dog

We were going uptown fast

Not bad for a kid once called a wog

Learned how to make the most with words

Used them to create stories and poems

Used them to repel battle lines

Let words lead to where I was goin’

Met the creative world and old Hollywood

Some legends became good friends

There were fast ladies around the world

Who would want this lifestyle to end?

Temptation is always a dangerous thing

One good blow leads to two more

The world gets hazy and crazy

There are suddenly different doors

You cut your losses and just move on

It’s best for her and you

Flesh and blood go down the drain

There’s suddenly someone new

And so you start all over again

You roll those dice and play

Sometimes the numbers add up

Nothing is ever always grey

You’re right back on that horse again

A new winning streak has begun

You take chances and hope for the best

You make some very brave inside runs

Danish tarts and mixed down thoughts

Taking things further in taxi rides

Erotic exotic neurotic daytripper days

All those slow dances on the wild side

Everybody wants something more

But nobody knows anything for sure

And so it was always back to the buffet table

Searching for some secret cure

Hooked and wanted to be led astray

Wanted to go way over the cliff

But even that wasn’t good enough

It was all about the chase of the thrill

Don’t worry about those who criticise

They’ll test you at every turn

They’ve got nothing really going for them

And jealousy must always be earned

Sun rises another evening falls

Saw an entire city just fall apart

But when you’ve seen almost everything

It’s just making another new start

She’s been patient and has waited for you

Cheongsamed girl wearing flats

She knows her way around a lion’s den

Legal brain who knows the stats

Copyright ©️ Hans Ebert

April 2022

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