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I don’t see very smart people

I don’t see very smart people 

I see many trying to be who they’re not 

I see too many chasing false dreams 

Betting and losing what they don’t have

Too many just sitting around 

Too many just hoping for the best 

It’s the gambler’s very own Hail Mary 

Thinking tomorrow won’t be like the rest

Keep away from strangers, she says 

They can lead you down the wrong path 

They’re often selling a pocketful of mumbles

Not knowing where it ends and how it starts

Enough of going around in circles 

Always be aware that karma might strike 

Never lose sight of what lies ahead 

Keep being inspired 

and don’t lose the fight

Don’t forget hope and understanding 

Things have always been this way 

Maybe we’ve forgotten 

how to get around negativity

We’ve been listening to those 

who don’t know what else to say

Create your own destiny 

It’s the only thing that belongs to you

Copyright ©️ Hans Ebert

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