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July 2022 (Bling blang blong and vapidity, Welcome to the New Stupidity)

There you go again, social butterfly

showing off your 24 carat life style

Guess if you’ve got it then flaunt it, right?

Sure, if that’s what really makes you smile

Rather to be just Okay and happy

Rather make daily visits to The Far Side

Better than seeing hypocrisy reign

And being blinded by vacant bright lights

Bling blang blong and vapidity

Welcome to the New Stupidity

It’s where fake friends meet

and make loud sucking sounds

It’s where that Like button

keeps making online rounds

Where no one seems to know

right from wrong

And why so many things

are like that Carly Simon song

All over again

Copyright ©️ Hans Ebert, July 2022

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