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Noughts and Exes

Updated: Apr 26

She’s not going to be happy that I have posted this, but the interview done here with my ex wife around six years ago shows why I believe our’s is a very special relationship.

At least to me, it’s why we met, and though we might have gone our separate ways, I have never wanted to share my life with anyone else.

It’s something I don’t hide.

There have been two other women who could have been “forever” things, but the inner person in me knew it wouldn’t have worked because Trina is not just a hard act to follow, it’s impossible for me to admire and respect anyone else more than I care about her.  

In business, I have dealt with many leaders or “bosses”, but eventually things break down because of a lack of trust, yes, possibly boredom, and also the realisation that I am wasting my time. 

It’s the wrong fit.

As one ages and possibly gets wiser, we- at least I do- ask questions about many things that lead to new beginnings.

We don’t necessarily prod the bear, but we tend to question ourselves and our role in society and the world around us while looking back to see the way forward.

I guess, it’s about being a somewhat cautious risk taker, and how you might get things wrong, but wrongs can always be righted.

Instead of repeating mistakes and wishing to hide these, it’s admitting that you were wrong and here’s what I am doing now to right those wrongs. 

What’s important to understand is that we’re all different, we each have different experiences and life journeys that have brought us to where we are today.

It’s about making today also be a better tomorrow.

As George Harrison sang on the very inspirational, “All things must pass”, “Sunset doesn’t last all evening/ A mind can blow those clouds away.”

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