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Over, Under, Sideways, Down

You never stop learning

about human behaviour

You never stop having

to be on your toes

So many torrents of insincerity

So many saying nothing

when you know it’s time to go

Holding onto just being

when it’s time for leaving

Because there’s nothing

new here anymore

Maybe only a few

kind and gentle memories

Broken wings on the dance floor

The writer writes another verse

He’s keeping track of time

Where might the next chapter lead?

Who’ll be at the scene of the crime?

They say that he loved

a few different women

and only married one

He thought they would last forever

But all the strings

somehow came undone

It was really nobody’s fault

Maybe things had

just crossed that thin line

New things and people walked in

And the body clock struck

quarter past time

He tried to find himself

and maybe he did

For once in his life

nothing was kept hid

He met her by chance

or was it through fate?

All he knew was that

change is never too late

He’s been thinking about her

these past few days

Her spontaneity

and joie de vivre

He knew what she wanted

And he gave her even more

Maybe they scared each other

The truth was getting too close

The writer wrote down everything

Random thoughts about everything

he thought he maybe saw

There were scared little people

running around

And some rotten to the core

Maybe all this was one

really bad tooth decay

This was a toothless fairy tale

There was no magic dust

Only more groundhog days

Not many seem to have

Anything of much

consequence to say

So the writer closed his book

He remembered something

she had once said

He needed to get back to dancing

With the gypsy girl inside his head

Copyright © Hans Ebert, June 20, 2023

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