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Part Deux of looking into the future of horse racing...

Brand new heavies and new besties Peter V’Landys and Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges, supremos of Racing New South Wales and the Hong Kong Jockey Club, respectively, announce the race that will be known as The Everbeast.

The announcement is made from the top of Mount Everest to show the burgeoning man love between the supreme leaders and where the the theme line for The Everbeast is revealed: Slots Of Fun.

Goat herders, who might very possibly be future HKJC marketing executives, sing and dance with their animals as part of the entertainment fare provided for the evening.

Not surprisingly, there’s a refried and remixed version of The Octopussy Dance played by some deejay which segues into an EDM Remix of “Sweet Caroline”.

As the finale, Wini and Pete wheel out Neil Diamond while Canto Pop band Mirror K-Pop dance their way around the goat herders.

Pete and Wini get teary eyed, hug, singalong and do the hokey pokey.


Never has horse racing reached a mainstream audience to this level until the Netflix series “Hong Kong Unhinged” is streamed and features everything and everyone from The Putha Man, how if it’s the birthday of a jockey or trainer or horse owner they must have winners, the good and bad feng shui of wearing certain coloured underwear, the feuding Chinese racing dynasties, and an exclusive interview with the horse named You Can’t Go Wong.


The owners and producers of the James Bond franchise introduce the new 007 to the media- former racing presenter Andrew Le Jeune.

He is described in the media release as having the perfect profile and jawline and has that certain je ne sais quoi to look good sipping a martini in a high rollers casino dressed in a spiffy white jacket and fighting off thugs with a handful of tumbling dice.

It’s also revealed that Andrew will be doing his own stunts and speaking in a Scottish accent not unlike that of Billy Connolly.


The Chief Executive Plodder of the Dead People’s Racing and Sports radio station in Melbourne goes high tech by launching its own Tik Tok channel.

In his inimitably enigmatic way, The Plodder mentions that “one is never too old to be young” before launching Tik Tok videos featuring his entire team including The Village Idiot.

The big hit is the tap dancing video by former form analyst and now a senior executive with Racing Victoria Matt Welsh.


No, nothing has changed: Well known owner and Chef at- mama mia- extremely expensive yet still very popular Italian ristorante Da Domenico and passionate racing man Alessandro makes it very clear that his longtime ban of two Hong Kong racing personalities continues.

If still to be invited to the ristorante, we strongly recommend the Baked Salted Sea Bass.


As a bit of a teaser, the Hong Kong Jockey Club CEO makes a surprise appearance as himself in the hit series “Succession”.

This has many perplexed and vexed and bewitched, be-bothered and very confused.


Hong Kong horse racing gets a boost when adult Actress Erena So who has, well, entered the Japanese video market with quite a thrust, makes a surprise appearance for the media at the International Races at Shatin.

There’s no need for old school Canto popsters, merchandise and chicken wings to entice crowds.

Horse racing finally makes the front pages and sees huuuuuuuuge interest from the mainstream audience.


It’s not only because he’s in his forties, but- and perhaps we’re a tad late in knowing about him- but James Oldring, who, we guess, is the relatively new CEO of Perth Racing, seems to be very much, well, switched on as they say.

Oldring? Hmmmm.

From listening to what he had to say when being interviewed recently, he’s very different gravy to some we know in horse racing who have been leading the charge for so long that they seem to be circling the same old wagons.

They are not unlike some of the serial twitterers in racing who have been banging on about the same old thing for so long that they’ve lost the plot.

As for James Oldring, he doesn’t come across as being another Plodder from a galaxy far far away and when corporate bollocks were being tossed around and fed to those with all the wherewithal of George Costanza.

We liked what we heard yesterday from young James who’s making some rather good new sounds for the future of Perth Racing which, frankly, needs a very loud wake up call and with so much to offer instead of seemingly suffering from terminal shrinkage cast by the long shadow from “the East”.

“The East” is hardly without its problems.

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