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Regrets? (Journography Bits) #1

Regrets? Yeah, sure I have a few. I guess the leader of the pack is not making the time to see my father before he left this world and which I have managed to keep inside of me for decades.

That’s one thing about me: I can keep hurt so much to myself that even I don’t know it.

I also regret that I will end this journey without seeing Trina again. We drifted apart, then occasionally met, and things seemed good, and then she decided to bring the curtain down by cutting me off from her life.

As for the daughter we had, well, she made a choice and I was on the losing side, or maybe, we both won as we weren’t a functioning unit.

We had some very happy moments, but those were long ago and far away and faded from my life along with her daughter.

Most of all, I wish I spent more time with my parents as I have so many questions without any answers and maybe it’s best left that way.

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