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Sentimental Journey (Journography Bits) #2

1) Sentimental Journey: A Journography.


From the man who believes that Jesus, King Arthur and Julius Caesar were the same person.

2) From the man who is most at home on The Far Side.

3) From the man who holds a grudge like John Wick and never forgets nor forgives.

4) From the man who deep dived into himself so much that he disappeared.

5) From the man who wanted to be Linda Ronstadt’s mouth and Sandra Bullock’s sandwich.

6) From the man who thought he was in Melbourne when he had actually arrived in Hong Kong.

7) From the man who lived with a fly inside his left ear for five days.

8) From the man who coined the term Canto Pop and has been trying to live it down for thirty years.

9) From the man who doesn’t even know how to make himself a cuppa tea.

10) From the man who cries every time he watches “Sleepless In Seattle”.

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