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Taking those Feel Good Moments to the max...

We’re all looking for someone or something to lean on- not in any clingy manner, but there to be supportive, especially if family. If they’ve moved out of your life, it’s okay. It might even be for the best. Unless of course you were married to Mary Tyler Moore.

There are no Happily Ever Afters, only a Once upon a time. It’s somewhere people walk in and out of your life until you finally cut the cord and find others who fill whatever void might still exist. It’s like being Indy.

There are all those intangible somethings that give you an emotional attachment you might never even knew existed inside of you.

It’s not going public with some cry for help, which eventually loses its honesty and makes one look like a creepy drama queen. But certain songs or book, bells and candles or a movie can move you for one reason or another.

It’s best when these moments sneak up on you and make you wonder what triggered them.

Instead of over-thinking things, what’s at least worked for me is to accept them, invite them into your life and see where they lead.

It’s like changing partners and welcoming in people who might have always been there and who both sides never thought about taking things further for various reasons. Often it’s not happened because of sliding doors moments- and just maybe we were too busy to slow down ‘cos we were moving too fast and caught up in Punky’s Dilemma.

We’re no longer who we were and maybe this is what the daily mental exercise of coming up against different challenges is about: Change and embracing this change instead of fighting it, and, for once and for all, letting go of the past.

Often, that’s what’s holding many of us back- trying to make something work that just isn’t there anymore. But perhaps someone else is right there and they make you FEEL- make you feel completely comfortable and happy. They’re helping put all the broken pieces back together again without being asked to do so.

While this is going on, there is always always and always, a catalyst to make this happen. Or different catalysts.

Without psychoanalysing myself, here are various emotional moments that have helped me along the way to being happy with where I am and who I am and where this life now will take me.

If these “steps” also help you, brilliant. And if something else does, here’s hoping that you share these. We never stop learning.

There are just so many moments here that holds a mirror up to me. The usage of “Secret Garden” by Bruce Springsteen is brilliant and says so much about love that I have never felt before. Love is not about regrets. Only timing and being in the right space in time.

It’s become a little glib to say, but kindness really does matter. It’s more than a hashtag. It’s a decision on how you choose to live your life and who you finally allow in.

“Mad Men”: The Carousel presentation. The question to ask is why this scene makes you feel the way you do. And if it doesn’t make you feel anything, that’s ok.

The Far Side cartoons.

Because laughter is the best therapy of all.

And if with someone with no sense of humour and where you’re constantly walking on eggshells, get the hell outta there. They’re not for you.


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