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Like Lazarus from the bible, the miraculous healing of his one-time seemingly career-ending hip injury and the resurgence of the revitalised Brazilian magic man continues.

Joao Moreira is a very happy man today and talking about feeling better than ever and not the least bit interested in bidding adieu to horse racing.

Lest one forgets, it was less than a year ago that the two toppermost executives of the HKJC farewelled one of the very best and most charismatic riders the city has ever seen as Joao Moreira said Adios to Hong Kong and announced a Farewell tour before hanging up his boots.

Could he have played the once mighty Club and its executives at their own game and with everyone involved now seen to be drowning in giant dollops of fist bumping hypocrisy?

Only The Shadow knows for sure, but it’s good to see the miracle man talking about really really really wanting to continue his riding career in Japan, Dubai, and especially Australia, where he knows he can especially bank on the mighty support of Trainer Chris Waller.

Yes, no, there wasn’t any mention of wishing to ride in the UK or making even cameo appearances in Hong Kong.

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