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Why couldn’t the Hong Kong International Races have a Half Time Show?

Not to take away from the main event and something that definitely cannot be staged this year, but with Hong Kong looking at ways of telling the world that we’re back, why not a half time show for the Hong Kong International Races in 2023?

Gawd knows the incredible impact this has on the Super Bowl, which has a domino effect that brings in advertisers because of the audience it attracts and is the most effective platform to debut their latest commercials. These commercials become a show of its own.

As for the Hong Kong racing product and especially its showpiece event- the Hong Kong International Races- surely there’s a need to step outta the box, smell the new dim sum and then some?

The best way?

By working with the government on presenting the city to the world, not just a patchwork quilt job that’s neither here nor there, but as something totally unique.

And if some don’t understand this or put up barriers where there probably even aren’t any, just maybe what’s going on is a failure to connect and not knowing how to join the dots...



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