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Why social media is taking us nowhere and Solina Chau can take us somewhere.

It’s interesting and also extremely worrying how things, especially human things, change because of technological advances, adopt their own code of ethics and damned be those who disagree with them or who they believe aren’t their equal or share their beliefs.


Sometimes I feel we’re in the middle of A Clockwork Orange.

Things have become a trending. online pandemic, and the longer living inside this social media life with “influencers” and “KOLs”and trolls continue, the quicker many will snap and go over the precipice as we’re seeing happening around the world every day.

It’s somewhat weird to think that those who are the most unsociable have created social media.

While fine-tuning and revisiting my past and analysing my present, it’s obvious that less and less is having any effect on me.

I have moved further and further away from triggers pointed, not necessarily at me, but at pretty much everyone who doesn’t fall in line with the thinking of those who are never wrong- eerily similar to all those characters the Beatles sang about, especially the Blue Meanies and Nowhere Man.

I am seeing a very different community living on the dark web and governments must understand this and introduce new online laws to rein things in as things have gone too far too fast.

They have their own rules and communicate in a language of emojis while feeding on click bait and anger and frustration.

Visiting this online place is almost like a drive-by shooting and where sensitive and angry people with seemingly nothing to do lie in wait, so why bother going there?

More and more, I have been wondering where in the world it’s safe enough to simply live and be left alone with my thoughts so that I can just get away from surviving on Le Rue Morgue Avenue.

Expressions like “reaching out” and “sharing” and “making amends” and “you can always count on me”, even, “I love you” don’t work for me anymore because it’s been allowed to turn into bunkum.

They’re empty words, empty promises and empty thoughts.

There’s then the holier than thou pontificating that’s often a web of sanctimonious hypocrisy and one that’s sometimes impossible to escape from because you’ve paid your admission fees to dance with the devil.

Did I really love those I thought I did and who I am supposed to have?

I really don’t know, if I ever did, because I’m not unlike that song by Foreigner or maybe U2.

Instead of this being a mistake, it might be the most honest thing I have ever admitted to myself: 

I really don’t know.

I believe that I am still a helplessly and hopelessly romantic searching for Guinevere.

I found some people of interest along the way, but these relationships lasted for as long as they needed to because life goes on, and that “family of man” is meaningless.

If we’re here today and gone tomorrow, I would rather be here without those wanting to be my friend and wishing to be seen as self righteous people when they’re not.

Most carry more secrets and lies than the talented Mr Ripley.

These days triviality has reached another impasse where there’s a growing division within the ranks with the popularity and musical talent and personality of Taylor Swift being questioned.

Does it matter?

Does it matter if I find Dakota Johnson, someone I would like to get to know because she seems awkwardly attractive and girl next door interesting?

As the handful of people in Hong Kong who know me will tell you, though having a role in funding the startups of Facebook and Spotify-which did make money- I always believed that the savvy and multi dimensional talents of Solina Chau, 63, below, should have been reworking the holistic business model of the Hong Kong Jockey Club decades ago into something far more than it is today.

The odds, however, of someone with her association with global home runs wanting the gambling driven gig back then or now are non-starters.

Solina Chau would be wasted on horse racing.

When I started the Happy Wednesday brand for the HKJC, stuck it out with mediocrity longer than I should have and don’t see any redeeming qualities in gambling on horse racing, it’s something I see drowning in its own world pool.

Everything, meanwhile, is changing and morphing around us and maybe making us more real and honest people.


Our only reality is that our true best friend and confidante no matter how far we travel will always be ourselves and what we believe in.

The answers will come- and they will come from where angels fear to tread.

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