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Updated: Apr 12

Was it just another choreographed show?

Has it got a little outta hand?

Same old players teamed together 

Playing in a multi headed one man band?

We’ve read the script many times 

Secrets can never be hid

Nudge nudge wink wink 

And keep it streaming and dreaming 

But we already knew the bid

Integrity has become a dirty word 

Cross it out of the lexicon 

Save the tears and the empty talk

Save them for those aging 

children of the corn

Even Pete knows the end’s in sight 

He’s heard the fat lady sing

There are washing machines spinning 

He’s distancing himself from those things 

Those turnover numbers don’t add up 

Governments are making contingency plans 

They see the writing propping up the walls

What might have worked forty years ago 

Are all heading for a big fall

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