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There are many things going on In Hong Kong that one finds difficult to understand, but the sparse and amateurish marketing and promotion of sports in the city is beyond comprehension. 

With the Hong Kong Jockey Club throwing its millions to keep the gambling pastime going, and there’s nothing wrong with this as they have the budget to sponsor form guides, produce etc and have a team of racing reporters to do their bidding, every other sport in Hong Kong comes across as an afterthought.

Even Hong Kong’s golden girl Siobhan Haughey barely gets a look in yet visiting Australian jockeys ride the city’s best horses, pay Hong Kong taxes, are treated like Taylor Swift and leave after plundering more bounty.

Most ridiculous quite recently was Australian jockey Hugh Bowman, who barely knows Hong Kong culture seen in a commercial endorsing Tai Kwun, the heritage building and cultural centre.


Another question is how many in Hong Kong even realise that there’s a Hong Kong Racing Museum, let alone having ever visited it?

This operates like some secret star chamber.

It’s said that the HKJC gives millions in charitable contributions to the community which is very nice, but it doesn’t make sense to see this club looking as if it also runs Hong Kong.

How many in Hong Kong even know who’s the Head of Sports in the city and exactly how his role works to make the promotion of sports far more visible than it is?

As for bringing “ethnic minorities” who are Hong Kong Belongers into playing a role in the city through sports, this has been a stop-start affair for decades that plods along with seemingly no strategy.

When oh when is Hong Kong sports and its sporting heroes going to get the respect they deserve?

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