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Could Hong Kong have finally turned the corner towards a brighter future?

It was good to hear from friends over the weekend that they had a great time having lunch on Lamma Island whereas others visited one of my favourite restaurants- Guru in Lower Elgin Street- and enjoyed some of our favourite dishes.

They were happy, they were relieved that various restrictions are gradually being phased out, and though still far away from living with Covid without masks like so many other countries, it’s a small victory worth celebrating.

Sure, I can hear the naysayers and understand the reticence to partake in a Land Of A Thousand Dances led by Funky Town at Dusk Till Town.

‘Live’ music is still silenced, and let’s put this down to those who have invested heavily in restaurants and bars seeing how years of various states of lockdown might have affected the lifestyles of some or many.

Could we need time to regain our social skills and communicate with more than four people? Are we too used to being in bed by 10pm? Are we still having nights of restless sleep?

Only The Shadow knows for sure and even he is only second guessing.

Despite businessman Allan Zeman’s recent Kumbaya Moment when he embraced the first speech of new Chief Executive John Lee, Hong Kong is not “back”.

There’s some lengthy therapy to go through before getting there.

Other than how to attract tourism, what somehow needs to happen is to have those in Hong Kong weaned off from constantly sipping from that half empty cuppa yum cha.

This is the reason that drove me and others outta our home that is Hong Kong.

It became impossible to listen to the constant updates on updates about new restrictions, the number of deaths, the latest cases, playing Simon Says with a contradictory and totally inept housewife Chief Executive, and those around us speaking nonstop Covidatitis.

For the moment, Hong Kong appears to be heading towards some form of normalcy. Appears.

Keeping up appearances is one of the reasons Hong Kong tripped over itself. It became as phoney as keeping up with the Kardashians, but no one was minding the store and the big bad genie escaped.

There’d been too much trust placed on the usual suspects way past their Use By dates and still doing everything possible to hold onto their respective power bases.

This has nothing to do with the Hong Kong Security Bill or siding with those who were given a clear path to batter an entire city into submission

This has to do with not rolling over and once again listening to Kindergarten Cops in charge of various industries- the fat cat businessmen calling all the shots when, like those career politicians, they’ve been shooting blanks for years.

We’re adults. We have our own beliefs and it’s our job to look after our home.

How? By respecting its past and helping to find its future built on empathy, integrity and with no hypocrisy and strategic alarmists.

Another thing: Now that we have seen fact from fiction, there’s a need to question things to do with everyday life without fear.

Hopefully-and soon- this can be done through the healing power of music which still remains something disposable to those who can change things around.

Perhaps some have been backing the wrong horse...

Very simply put, Hong Kong needs to bring good times back and make things Ok La for those still in the city without the big bucks and designer lifestyles.

It’s not much to ask la.


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