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Dedicated to Joanne Harper

Though having just turned 13, Joanne didn’t stand on ceremony, nor did she walk on eggshells.

She never held back, and, in the end, asked her friends, “Do you think all adults can be trusted just because they’re older than us?”

She was on a tootsie roll. “I mean, what’s age got to do with common sense,” she continued, “and knowing what’s good for everyone?

“Don’t you think there are adults who also work?”

Sure, there are Joanne. All the bloody time.

Depending on one’s position in any business, and especially in politics, one can cheat with absolutely no guilt.

In fact, you’re often elected and PAID to cheat. If you get caught, apologise and start up a charity. You could cheat there, too.

Getting back to Joanne, her friends expected this from her- saying what was on her mind instead of keeping things inside and being miserable.

Plus, she wasn’t saying anything different to what they were all thinking as almost everything adults were doing these days didn’t make sense to them...and why they were doing whatever they were doing was ever explained.

As Brian, the thinker in the group asked, “If we’re going to inherit what adults leave for us, shouldn’t we have a say in what they are doing for and to our tomorrow?”

They didn’t like seeing adults scared, confused, angry and always worried.

Who does? Maybe some other adults for their own self-serving reasons?

What was happening wasn’t exactly Toy Town, Toonsville or a scene from “Father Knows Best”.

This unhappiness and fear had been going on for almost three years, and was apparently going to continue for at least another five years.

The children would almost be adults by then and they knew it was up to them to change things around.

“Most adults are old and getting older,” added Brian. It was one of his few Duh moments. Anyway...“Maybe their thinking is slowing down?” he wondered. “Can we somehow make them think...younger?”

Back in the day- way way back- whenever there was some problem, at least in the movies, Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland, would jump up and say, “Hey gang! Let’s put on a show!”

These days, it wasn’t so easy. There would be a need for permission and the right licenses and nothing could happen without following strict social distancing measures in line with government rules and regulations.

Roebuck, the brainiac in their midst, and a bit of a killjoy and party pooper, had already brought this up like a really bad tuna melt sandwich with raw onions.

“We need to make the adults see how silly and downright stupid they’ve become!” he said.

And so, what the kids did was, well, put on a show!

They did this by secretly filming their parents and their friends and their friends’ friends going about their day of constant whining and worrying and listening to news updates and uploaded all their carefully edited work onto social media!


Okay, so, because of this going viral, some parents are still being investigated for various types of corruption, and companies have folded, but, overall, everyone saw just how the world has lost its religion- and sense of humour and truth, honesty and innocence.

As for Hans, who we haven’t mentioned, he watched what was happening, and how so many were running for cover, and just laughed and laughed and laughed...

You see, boys and girls, he had been filming and recording everything going around him as well...

Copyright ©️ Hans Ebert. August 14,2022


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