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Entering Indigo Town

There’s just something special about the two of them- John and Brendon- that I personally think transceusicnds much of the music being created in Hong Kong, and, more importantly, music that is original enough to travel.

Just maybe I know what I am talking about...

Not meaning to name drop part of my portfolio on those bothering to read this, but, hey, what the hell, why not?

Having worked on the marketing in this region of international acts like Coldplay, Norah, Gorillaz, presented Head Office when with EMI the idea of taking Bowie and Robbie Williams to Bollywood via bangra rhythms plus the vocals of the great Asha Bhosle, believed that Croatian classical crossover artist Maksim would do well in Hong Kong and China, and was proven correct, and scored a number one in the region by having Danish outfit Michael Learns To Rock record a hit for Jacky Cheung in English.

It was also about getting behind lesser-known acts like Starsailor, Low Millions, Placebo, the late and wonderful Soraya, pictured below, and learning much about music, musicians, management, music companies, music marketing, Rights issues, corporate political bollocks, and what works best for you and those who you trust and believe in.

You also learn pretty fast, as I have done after those many years of helping musicians to be part of those Happy Wednesday nights- and for which they were paid promptly and treated extremely well- that loyalty and real friendships are fleeting things.

This is when there’s the realisation that behind the “bro’s” and “brotherhood”, it was always about taking, and, receiving in return ingratitude and selective memory recall when realising that the bank is closed.

It’s karma. It’s probably why the non Canto Pop “music scene” in Hong Kong is the non-player that it is, especially for those who gladly took, but never gave back. Greed is terrible place to be.

Let’s leave it at that and return to John and Brendon from the group Indigo Town...

Right now, they are the core members and the band.

Watching them onstage at Adrenaline at the Hong Kong Jockey Club pretty recently, they are excellent onstage with a heady mix of Afro-Cuban Reggaeton neo-and retro funk to their originals.

What’s also always interesting are the unique ways they can take a cover and turn it on its head. Not many in Hong Kong can do this.

Have we heard the best of Indigo Town? No.

I don’t think we’ve even started to enter Indigo Town and see what’s in there and what the band are really capable of producing- and with maybe they themselves not knowing where things might be heading.

Anyone who these days says they know where they’re going with anything are talking through their Desmond tutus.

Today, it’s all about trial and error and with the resolve to get up and keep trying.

This is what I believe Indigo Town has- inner resolve built on knowing and playing to their strengths, an understanding and appreciation of music, and how this mix could work best for them.

And it will. Work for them, that is.



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