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Get yer blah blahs outta the way and create...

Everyone has, from time to time, different reasons to feel a case of the blahs coming on. Many don’t even need a reason. It’s part of their DNA or else part of what’s ailing the world today. Perhaps the latter is why so many are busy selling bars and jars of Wellness.

Personally speaking, where the blahs are most lethal and prevalent is when not having the right creative partner.

Whether making music or creating an ad or taking an ordinary idea and trying one’s darnedest to make it better, better, better, there’s always a need for someone who can ignite that spark and take you into breaking new ground. If they’re named Sparky, even better.

These days, bright sparks are a rarity. Or so it seems. Maybe the comet Burn Out has caused it. Maybe they’re here, but in hiding. Maybe it’s all too unbearable and they’re hibernating.

Of course, it could be my fault. Maybe I am too demanding. Maybe anything that doesn’t come from me or follow my line of thinking, isn’t good enough. Or maybe, this is as good as it gets, and no one really cares anymore about creating newness along with wellness as everything worth creating has been created and there are now different priorities in life.

Like what? Dunno. Like maybe living a lie on the fly on Facebook being photographed everywhere and nowhere, wondering where the time went and needing to dust off that curriculum vitae and bash people over their heads with it.

What’s out there to move things forward? Meet and talk and talk and talk to those you meet because misery loves company about new “What If” ideas, but where one can see in their eyes that the blinds are drawn shut, the lights are out and no one’s home. No one’s exactly getting anything.

Some of these people you have known almost forever. You might have even worked with them when those creative lights were shining brightly. Not anymore though.

Often you’re sitting there listening to the same old stories, but with weird new additions to them that never happened.

You smile, but you’ve switched off and astral travelling again while the blah blahs continue.

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Something like that.

These windows also show a certain vapidity bordering on stupidity.

It becomes all too clear that someone doesn’t know shit and what the hell you’re talking about.

Their thinking might be that maybe they can fake it long enough to tag along for one last free ride on the gravy train. They know they have nothing to give. It happens.

This is when your blahs take a backseat to the blah blah blahs of everything that’s nothing relevant and think back to all those great creative partnerships- Lennon and McCartney, George and Ira Gershwin, Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer, Sinatra and Nelson Riddle, Laurel and Hardy, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Hula and Hoop etc.

Thinking about all this from the past that’s here to inspire us and maybe remind some about where we came from and the hard days night and what a long and winding road it’s been, could be what’s needed for the journey to continue.

It’s a journey into creativity that for some will never stop. It’s another DNA thing.

Especially these days, the world is waiting for something or many things to wake it up from a deep fog of enforced slumber.

Maybe the events of the past couple of years and with clutter continuing to imprison minds is derailing the process and progress. I am damn sure it is.

We should know by now what they say about chaos and confusion. They open new doors and offer new opportunities.

Nothing new is going to happen gathering ‘likes’ on online platforms that often remain a pox on society and have been allowed to run and even ruin lives.

The tail has been wagging the dog for too long and creating a very jumbled picture of what lies ahead.

McCartney wrote about this sad place in “Eleanor Rigby”- “All the lonely people, where do they all come from?”- and Lennon found them in his “Nowhere Man”.

These two songwriters could have been writing about Facebook over fifty years ago.

That was then and it’s time for Django to be unchained, put words into action and always return to those game changers who came before us for some new burst of inspiration.

They are the catalysts to try and make good new things happen and create those inquisitive minds.

Those needed to help change things around could be travelling on the same jet stream. If they are, it’s about choosing wisely and pushing the fast forward button- together.

Don’t even try to do this now and travel down this road and none of us will know just how much one can succeed by trusting your own instincts. And doing instead of following cookie cutter thinking those leading without knowing where they’re going.

There’s been enough of that. Same as time’s up for Yesterday’s People with their Yesterday’s thinking.

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