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OneTeam and a celebration of life.

The most difficult part of getting anything new off the ground is making sure that you’re not carrying any deadweight and those with you for the ride GET IT.

And so it with my new project OneTeam, which, to put it simply, is a celebration of life- and, hopefully, much more.

As I told someone last night, making OneTeam come alive is not that different to forming a band when everyone else has formed or is forming a band, or looking for something that isn’t there when everyone tells you that everything worth doing is already out there.

You’ve just got to find new bullets and aim for a silver one.

If it means being Gene Wilder in “Young Frankenstein”, why not?

It’s often a very shallow and click bait world out there despite all the “sharing” and “engagement” that goes on in that often peculiar algorithmic place called social media.

He’s hoping OneTeam can somehow change all this- or die trying.

Right now, OneTeam and its objective of celebrating life is open-ended enough to be anything and everything.

If in the process we manage to create that intangible something which resonates with people in an honest way, well, for me, that’s more than half the battle won.

Sounds easy and maybe it is.

Maybe we have forgotten the KISS Theory of Keep It Simple, Stupid and now embrace Keep It Simple AND Stupid?

Maybe we’ve forgotten that technology is never the idea, something drummed into me by my mentor in advertising and one of those original “mad men” led by the complex character Don Draper.

Technology Is Not The Idea is an unwritten “rule” that’s more of a guide dog for everyone to see and which still lives on in the greatest work produced in music, film and all other forms of art including the work of cartoonist, conservationist and iconoclast Gary Larson.

I am not trying to save the humped back whale- or maybe I am.

As Joni Mitchell sang, we- this global OneTeam- must get back to the garden.

We’ve been overrun by weeds, derailed for way too long by numbers that don’t add up, and duped by a fame game built on rickety online platforms with smoke and mirrors that only lead down along a one way street to nowhere.

Think Elvis sang about this place.

It was a hotel called Heartbreak Hotel.

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