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Help Hong Kong Get Back To Where It Once Belonged…

Dear Paul and Ringo,

Hope you can lend your names to help Hong Kong get back on its feet again- get back by first starting to bring ‘live’ music to this city.

We’re really not asking for much, but when those who don’t know much about the power and magic of music are in charge of the rules, the game never changes.

Because of a Zero Covid-19 policy, Hong Kong has, for some reason, been denied ‘live’ music for almost three years.

It’s hard to imagine a once vibrant city without music, but this is where we are at today along with out of work musicians.

Without treading on the land mine of politics, voices from the both of you and other international musicians just might help those coming up with these rules see- and hear- that music has a healing power all of its own and should be allowed to heal this city.

Peace and Love.

Hans Ebert

Hong Kong

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