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While those of us whose home is Hong Kong navigate our way through daily life in the new abnormal of this remarkable city that has a well-hidden human side to it.

It’s not some superficial place that’s only about Crazy Rich Asians and shallow hangers-on.

The very different type of events being held here represent the city’s diverse spirit.

Hong Kong has given me practically everything, and keeps giving.

What I need to do in return- and in my own small way- is, like Jude, help to make things better, celebrate its victories, and applaud those efforts when things might not go as well as expected.

This week, for example, sees the start of HKIR week- the world turf championships organised by the HKJC, and when Hong Kong plays host to the international racing world.

Last week, Pharrell Williams and his Luis Vuitton Road Show was here.

The weekend saw the Clockenflap music festival whereas overseas, Hong Kong born superstar swimmer Siobhan Haughey broke and created new records at the Toyota US Open meet.

She is truly flying that Hong Kong flag for the world to see and travelling rather swimmingly.

As for the H, it offers something else for the world to see being offered at the Hong Kong buffet table of diversity.

This week, there will be some of the world’s greatest race riders and brilliant equine talent competing for pride and glory at the racecourses in Happy Valley and Shatin.

Hong Kong will be watching over everything, seeing what unfolds and, from here, perhaps look at what the road map ahead is telling us.

Horse racing might not be for everyone, but that’s okay: I don’t eat lamb, but what’s that got to do with the price of fish?

What’s important to this writer is that this special week for racing fans is taking place in his home- Hong Kong.

It’s a week when each of us who live here should be gracious hosts to our visitors.

They’re right when they say that home is where the heart is.

It is.

It’s also where magic can happen- if you want it to…and without having to click together ruby red slippers three times and make a wish.

Whatever you’re wishing for is already living where it matters most- in your heart and in your mind.

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