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Updated: May 3



If ONE photo went against the grain of the old and stoic and captured the unscripted joy of seeing their horse Karma win a race on the supporting card of Sunday’s Champions Day at Shatin on Sunday, it was Roshan Melwani lost in the moment of seeing his family’s galloper win.  

The grandson of the iconic Sam The Tailor family, here was a fabulous reminder why racing clubs like the Hong Kong Jockey Club should sometimes get away from creative constipation and let the good times roll, baby!

It’s TikTok infectious!


“What I have not told anyone is that when, you know, I am not feeling nearly fine, I get dressed in my lederhosen and dance to traditional Bavarian music while playing football. “People think I am a very complex person, but this is only what they want to see. I see myself as a cross between Charlton Heston, Tom Cruise, Talulah Bankhead, Topol and Victor Borge. And maybe a little Goofy.

“For relaxation, I run around the neighbourhood ringing a ding dong and chasing after cars and then send fun emails to different people with many orders. This continues until 4am.

 “Do not worry. I shall put you on my mailing list and include a special glossy photograph of me looking pensive yet warm and fuzzy.

“The fuzzy is when I purposely don’t shave for a year but because of my blond hair, I can’t grow much hairs which is why I grow unusual cacti in my special glass house.

“Would you like to see my big cacti? I speak to each one every day and when they are naughty, I go berserk and whip them with my cat-o-nine tails which I actually make with real cats. I love them going meow meow and this is when I turn up the music of Meotown and listen to Cat Stevens.

 “Hahaha. I just made a little joke!

 “Excuse me, but can I take off my shirt? Danke. Now I am going to do one thousand pushups and breakdance for an hour.

 “Please relax and feel free to feel me. “Here, hit my stomach. Hard, you fool!!! Hit me hard!!! Feel how FIT I am! Wunderbar!

 “For dinner, I keep it light- cheese, Italian sausage, mozzarella cheese, six raw onions, a sirloin steak and then gargle with a nice Pinot Noir before chanting OM and channeling Jean Claude Van Damme. He’s a great actor and ballet dancer.

 “Excuse me, but I need to answer this power call from Vlad…” 



Meanwhile, quite a few of us are waiting to see the next act from The Golden Sixty playbook.

After watching the champion miler who has earned millions and millions for owner Stanley Chan Ka-Leung struggle to to run fourth in a yawningly slowly run Group 1 Champions Mile won by Beauty Eternal, despite mentions about how the going of the track didn’t suit Golden Sixty, some very important people, especially when it comes to animal welfare, are waiting to hear concrete future plans for the horse.

Trainer Francis Lui has gone on record to say that Sunday was probably the great horse’s last run, something that will apparently be discussed with the owner. Probably. Apparently.

Hmmmm. Maybe.

Meanwhile, though in his position, Wini and his loyal puppy Tin Tin can say what they want, we do have to wonder about the copy and paste nattering, we wonder about the horses from Macau apparently sent to somewhere in China and the future of the shrinking dog’s breakfast that is the Asian Racing Federation (ARF).

How many members will still be racing by early next year and what exactly does ARF do?

People in racing are talking about a great many things these days, especially to do with rather quick and quiet staff exits and overall horse welfare.

Possibly just empty talk, of course.

One thing horse racing teaches you is to listen to what is not said, and whereas trainer Francis Lui appears to be dancing around words and seemingly playing for time, owner Stanley Chan is apparently still thinking things out.

Could Chan, the owner of Golden Sixty, who has earned and won HK$167 million for him be thinking that he can win more?

Why not? More money is good, right?

Despite flopping last Sunday in the Group 1 Champion Mile, his fourth placing, is being put down to the wet going by the likeable trainer, and how, even if Golden Sixty were to be retired and sent to a new home at Northern Farm in Japan, the galloper would have to be “wound down” before leaving Hong Kong.

Makes sense.

What’s a tad puzzling is the veil of silence from the owner which is starting to recall the horse opera behind the comings and goings of the John Yuen, the controversial owner of former Champion Hong Kong galloper Good Ba Ba, who was retired from racing in the city before popping up in Macau and then forced to race in Australia.

It wasn’t a good look’ for horse racing and everyone involved in the circus.

Thankfully, Good Ba Ba, a regular ride for the very popular Olivier Doleuze, below, is now enjoying life with the good people and his equine friends at Living Legends in Australia.

On the subject of Macau and the retirement of horses, one hopes to have videos and photos of those sent to China to enjoy the rest of their days leading happy lives at, apparently, riding schools.



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