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Hong Kong Financial Secretary Paul Chan Man-po is high on life.

’s actually happier than a Pharrell Williams song and happier than the morning sun and sees happy Hong Kong people happily interacting with each other despite wearing masks and how everything in this city of unbridled love and happiness is looking and feeling positively groovy, baby.

The Chan Man-po has also adopted an upbeat attitude built around the “What? Me? Worry?” thinking of that other visionary Alfred E. Neumann.

For example, delivering his 2023 budget which he did with both guns blazing and some seriously humongous cutbacks.

Announcing that the Hong Kong Jockey Club would have to pay an extra HK$2.5 billion in football betting taxes for the next five years, he was happy to say how this is to be achieved will be up to those at 1 Sports Road to figure out.

Perhaps staff cutbacks? Maybe dipping into reserves? Cutting back on samosas and cheese and tomato sandwiches, muting the crap ‘live’ music in the Beer Garden etc.


What? Me? Worry?

To Paul Chan, finding solutions to every financial problems ailing the city is really not his problem.

What? Me? Worry?

Though the city’s Financial Secretary, his role is to delegate responsibilities to everyone else as to how the government coffers can be replenished.

Him? His role?

Hmmmm, guess he sees himself as something like Ronald McDonald spreading good vibes with his McDonaldland friends.

What? Me? Worry?

Also, one presumes, as the person responsible for signing off on the somewhat goofy “Hello Hong Kong” campaign, which he believes is working swimmingly well, we can apparently look forward to Parts Deux.

There will be more singing and dancing and choreographed and unmasked happiness with a different cast and more joie de dim sum and then some and Sum Sum and The Ding Dong Song.

Guess the message to Hong Kong people is this: Whatever the problem, remember to dance it away and just pass the buck.

How bad can it be, right?

Paul Chan Man-po!

What a What? Me? Worry? guy!

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