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3 June 2022

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

In the middle of a crossfire hurricane, she brings a calmness.

In a world becoming unhinged way too often, she shows empathy and kindness and dignity.

Where every day, we’re being suffocated by clutter that, for whatever reason, we often don’t think twice about swimming in the middle of everything that’s wrong about where we are and where we’re going, she reminds us of what’s good and decent about the world.

Watching the way she presents herself- and has always presented herself- we take stock of our own lives.

No matter how tough it might be, she helps us to look back at where we tripped up and hurt those who we still love, but have allowed pride to keep us apart.

Again, we think about her inner resolve and everything she’s had to accept and endure and absorb and internalise over the course of very many decades.

She is such a strong and dignified woman. Always has been.

We talk about resilience, but she is not only resilient, she offers each of us important life lessons about how to move forward and realise that this is life, and how we cannot live it to its full without forgiving ourselves, without letting go, and by maybe letting in things so hurtful that they’ve been shut out and muted.

Perhaps they need to be faced again without fear instead of being suppressed.

We are living in extremely uncertain times, where we have no confidence in leaders, but are somehow lacking the motivation to help try and heal the world and make it and us who inhabit this world a better place.

Maybe we’re too bogged down in this swampland of jealousy, greed, selfishness and being callous.

Maybe we need to dig ourselves out from wherever and whatever we’re hiding from for ourselves for our children and for our children’s children and the world we’re going to leave behind.

Again, we can learn so much from this amazing woman who gives us hope by simply being here and with a smile.

And that smile. It lights up any room and anywhere that darkness has been allowed in.

It’s magic. She’s magic. Her magic will last forever. I am sure of this.

Knowing this lifts me up. It helps me to prioritise.

It takes me away from negativity and triviality and everything else that has made many of us lose our way by forgetting what really matters.

God Save The Queen.

Copyright © Hans Ebert. June 2022

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