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Keeping it bubbly...

It would be too easy to turn this into some kinda “review” about some kinda nothing. But maybe with 2022 hurtling towards 2023 and carrying too much baggage for too long, it was time to confront the demons within and call it as one sees the cards fall.

There was the feeling of great excitement at being unshackled and not thinking one has to tiptoe through the tulips, and also admitting the disappointment at one-time relationships coming apart at the seams, perhaps because of these not being built with the right materials.

Who knew that all this “heaviness” would lead from a few Zoom meetings at the Grand Cafe of the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong to a walk to its adjacent Champagne Bar with my friend Wallace to chill and gather one’s thoughts.

Apart from knowing that there would be ‘live’ music, it’s always best going somewhere with no preconceived expectations and therefore happy with whatever comes your way.

A couple named Iris and Dimples were performing that night.

I had heard Iris some years earlier at a jam session whereas I had never seen Dimples.

They were entertaining and fun and as the Champagne Bar became more and more full- and on a Thursday night, no less- there was a very positive feeling of complete strangers coming together.

Where “music marketing” often goes wonky is when the powers that be try to intellectualise something that should come naturally- a love of and respect for music, especially when performed in what is the lounge of a five star hotel.

This Thursday evening at the Champagne Bar, it was like going down the rabbit hole with Alice and meeting characters and hearing sounds we thought had disappeared forever.

It really didn’t matter about “customer demographics”.

Iris and Dimples performed everything from a stripped down versions of “Dancing Queen” and “Get Back” to “Moon River” and whatever else was requested.

There’s nothing that beats spontaneity when it comes to giving yourself up to the pure joy of enjoying music. It’s therapeutic.

It’s also about appreciating some of your favourite songs- and those of others in the audience- and losing one’s self in the happiness music brings to everyone in the key of life.

Though still in “stealth mode”, the Champagne Bar is very quickly learning as it goes, and leaving audiences to decide what works best for them and what doesn’t.

The Champagne Bar just might be onto something new and a bit of a game changer...

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