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Paul Chan: Hong Kong's Chief Fun Officer???

As those of us who still live here know, Hong Kong is desperately trying to get some semblance of its mojo back with the government’s Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-Po been given the task of meeting this objective by reviving up the city’s nightlife.

Think about this carefully and slowly: Does this make any sense?

Nothing against Paul Chan who looks like quite an okay bureaucrat, but what does a Financial Secretary know about creating a relevant and vibrant nightlife that throbs along like a Venus Flytrap?

From what Hong Kong has seen, here’s someone who seems to believe that this missing buzz starts and stops with night markets, bazaars, exhibitions, cultural events and handing out cash vouchers to visitors from the mainland.

Perhaps there’s something to this modus operandi and marketing strategy, but there’s the gnawing feeling that Hong Kong needs something more holistic- something that’s the mothership and which can lead to so many other things not even thought about as yet.

What’s not needed are more bits and pieces of dim sum baskets, token corporate speak and one-off gimmicks that come and go and disappear forever like those campaigns to attract tourists and gnats to Hong Kong- the singing and dancing “Hello Hong Kong” and the equally goofy “Happy Hong Kong”.

Hong Kong hasn’t been really really happy since around 2016.

A “happy” Hong Kong is a contradiction in terms unless speaking to those who see Hong Kong as a retirement home and where they can enjoy a game of mahjong and reminisce about the good old days.

Why do some think that a Financial Secretary like Paul Chan can make a difference?

Maybe because we’ve arrived at a point in the life of Brian and the world where we’re just happy to leave thinking to others. And when nothing happens, all everyone can do is quietly bitch like crazy and play pass the buck while being obedient Oompah Loompahs.

Thinking about the curriculum vitae of Financial Secretary Paul Chan and his mission to give Hong Kong a nightlife that currently exists until around 10pm, what exactly makes him the right person for this task other than managing the marketing purse strings?

Is he happy with the work on the Hong Kong Tourism Board or whatever it’s called?

Was he once a party animal moonwalking and doing Le Freak across the dance floors of Clubs like BBoss, Tonnochy Ballroom, China City, Canton, Manhattan and, well, Grappas?

Has he partied all night, or until around 1am recently at Foxglove?

Attended an open mic session wherever open mic sessions take place today?

Has Paul Chan ever chilled out at the Champagne Bar by tucking and shucking into some Baked Cheese Oysters ordered for him by Sergeant Gong?

If he’s free, maybe Paul Chan Mo-Po can drop in at the Champagne Bar on the 22nd of this month around 8pm?

This is when I’ll be having a little soirée for friends and where we would be happy to offer him our advice on revving up Hong Kong nightlife- and introduce him to some hummus, canapés and Baked Cheese Oysters and ‘live’ music from Indigo Town and Dimple and Iris.

After this, he might be able to be coerced into checking out The Wanch.

Me? I’ll still be dining out on the Baked Cheese Oysters.

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