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It’s a long running horse opera and which some of us have seen played out over the years. But when it’s summertime, and the living is easy and the birds are chirping, one pours themselves a nice glass of red, smile and listen to the meaning behind the meandering words, or in the case of “Slamming” Sammy Agars of the SCMP, give the CEO all the column inches to ramble on with almost artificial intelligence. 

Titled “Pricey Champion backed to drive Racing Club growth”, in Friday’s SCMP, the 70 year old CEO talked and talked and talked about the importance of the HKJC Young Members Club with some wondering if he was trying to convince himself as to what he was saying, and others wondering whether he was trying to reverse the aging process. 

Everything said about the future and days of future passed were punctuated by rather “visionary” looks into the, well, future and how, the HKJC is “‘getting serious’ about further fostering the Racing Club as a key driver among a wider push to attract new members”.

Getting serious? Now? Everyone been asleep?

Wasn’t all this mentioned in 2007 when Mark Richards was in charge of this Young Members Club?

It doesn’t matter. It’s just more embarrassing and silly old fluff to rally the troops around the HKJC International Sales and sell dreams. 

To those who have never heard of the Young Members Club, its members don’t have a share in the horses that race in their colours.

What they have - take a deep breath- is “the opportunity to experience the excitements”- “excitements?”- “of horse ownership” while enjoying the on and off course facilities and, er, “member events” that come with the entrance fee of HK$148,000 and a “monthly subscription” of HK$1500.

“Excitements” Unlimited.

Other “excitements” was this gobbledygook: “Racing Club members are also allowed to become separate syndicate members and own a share of a horse in their own right, while the jockey club is exploring the possibility of operating syndicates within the Racing Club”.

More “Excitements” Unlimited.

It’s all been heard before and perhaps the HKJC needs to rethink everything about the “excitements” of being not being a member of the Young Members Club, but a new Member of the Club?

This includes how the only real “excitements” in this down economy for anyone who engages in horse racing is winning money- real money and not Totopoly play money-and for the HKJC to work with various business partners and sponsors who will bring honest to goodness tangibles to the table.

Corporate wish lists and “excitements” from La La Land just fly over heads these days like flaccid corporate communications written by some kids in a detention class.

The headmaster should be spanked for this gibberish.


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