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Rest In Power, Sir

If things were already starting to change, Sir leaving us has changed everything going on about and around me.

It’s put many things into perspective and how to move forward without suffering fools gladly and not carrying on without challenging one’s self.

I never met Sidney Poitier, but I got to “know” the gentleman through his films and his rare television appearances on television, especially when being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey.

Though ambivalent about the talk show host, her genuine excitement and considerable honour and complete awe in being with such greatness was infectious.

Sidney Poitier was always so dignified and honest with his answers. He made me feel better and inspired me to be as best as one can as a human being with honesty where personal priorities are in place.

He was a Black man from Bahamas who had fought to be the person he became and someone very special who transcended colour and the film industry.

He was his own man. This is so important to understand and remember and think of the many times we might have vacillated just to please others. And in this social media driven world, this cloying neediness to be so politically correct and liked has magnified to a horrible level of phoniness.

This phoniness then morphs into selfishness, political games, lies, cheating and weaknesses where many of us are unable to look something or someone straight in the eye and call it as it is. Sidney Poitier’s character in “They Call Me Mister Tibbs” would never have done that.

Sidney Poitier was a leader. He grew into this role and didn’t get there without making mistakes.

No doubt learning from these and understanding the world around him at that time, he made a difference. This difference lives on.

Sidney Poitier will be the inspiration for future leaders to come from everywhere in the world.

The baton has been passed.

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