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Some Champagne and A Little Of Us

It’s best when you go somewhere to hear some ‘live’ music with no expectations. It helps to not be disappointed because there’s nothing which comparisons can be drawn.

It had been a very long day and the mind needed a surrealistic pillow, but the Champagne Bar at the Grand Hyatt would do.

While trying to drown out what had been playing in my head all day and taking a break from everything that needed to be done for the new project to set sail, two people- musicians- were going through a sound check.

Anyone who’s walked into a sound check knows that unless it’s the Stones, or maybe a travelling Gorillaz circus, it’s just an irritation.

Then, while still composing and computing what was going through my head, this journey found a duo called A Little Of Us.

The duo comprises singer-songwriter-guitarist Mikey Martin and 22 year old singer Arnel Fouad.

He’s from the North of London- I think- and she’s French.

He’s good and when she harmonises, it’s even better.

Then, she sings, and one knows that she’s very very good.

Being in Hong Kong where everything goes up a notch, there’s the thinking that these two musicians are good compared to what one might have heard in the city before.

Wrong. A Little Of Us are very good on their own merits and no matter where they are.

They’re not exactly the Eurythmics, but, who is?

Arnel Fouad has an excellent voice and it’s good to hear someone who, with her partner, brings something new to the table.

Like what? Like some intriguingly interesting arrangements to something like the standard “Fly Me To The Moon”, a couple of chansons, a few surprising song choices, and the obligatory hits though their arrangements stop these from being mawkish covers.

A Little Of Us are very good, and on a bloody cold Thursday evening, they’re perfect performing at the Champagne Bar, which is still fine tuning how and where it wishes to go.

Hopefully, they take A Little Of Us for the ride. They’re worth the trip.

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