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With this horse racing season being somewhere between Twin Peaks and A Tale Of Two Cities and a soupçon of “Barbie”, the interest level in who might be in the running to be the next CEO of the Hong Kong Jockey Club has somewhat waned.

Mais pourquoi, mes amis?

Well, it’s not exactly a priority, plus reading some of the recent quotes attributed to CEO Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges about things like the rather unspectacular response to the International Sales, where he was quoted saying something baffling like “this was expected”, and a rather ponderous response to the inconsistencies of track conditions dug up by champion jockey Zac Purton, it really didn’t matter what he said.

It was the usual serving of corporate German waffles.

As a Member of the Club said, “Just let the circus carry on with the German being the bumbling ringmaster. At least, Hong Kong has its own Chauncey Gardener”.

Still, odds on who might take over the HKJC or whatever it might eventually be called, carries on.

The following are the latest updates…

Paul Chan: 44-1

Possible, very possible. Despite his title as the Financial Secretary of Hong Kong, the Chan Man will probably always be known for giving the city its “night vibes”.

Analysts suggest that he has plenty of time on his hands to take up the mantle of also being the Hong Kong Jockey Club CEO and from where he can cleverly fuse those “night vibes” with the rather grim Happy Wednesday goings on at the Happy Valley racetrack.

Adrian Cheng: 5-1

A man for all reasons and as the 45 year young Harvard graduate and head of New World, Chairman of the K-11, and the man who brought chubby red hearts to Hong Kong, Adrian Cheng can also always call on the experience of his CFO Richard Cheung, below, the former Director of Wagering at the HKJC to advise him on the ins and outs of horse racing in the city.

Hanane Sabri: 365-1

Handpicked by the current CEO along with the mysterious Anthony Ingham, the French marathon runner is usually seen hugging jockeys and their wives and blowing air kisses to whoever might be around her.

We’ve met her and tried to follow her going on and on and on about her strengths, but gave up after a few minutes of confusing word play and went astral travelling.

We find her to be an amusing addition to the Cirque de Winfried.

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