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The need for creativity amongst the clutter.

Only talented people can help to attract other talented and creative people.

If believing that governments are going to help attract new thinkers, something’s happening and you don’t know what it is, do you, Mister Jones?

Here in Hong Kong, Mister Jones is busy rubbing shoulders with Mr Chan, Mrs Kwok and Family Wong and Siu, whereas others are waiting for Quinn The Eskimo to get here before everyone’s gonna jump for joy thinking that the Hong Kong government is going to wave a magic wand and get the city back on track.

That’s just wishful thinking.

The Hong Kong government, or any government, can only do so much- and also so little.

It just can’t do everything. But many people think they can.

This is where many things get derailed and thinking becomes fogged up.

It’s up to people to bring about change.

The problem is knowing “right” people from “wrong” people starting with the brief given to Human Resources by Management and the hiring process.

Often bought at a premium price are lemons.

These corporate lemons often play a role in creating negativity, paranoia and mediocrity because of their own insecurities and which has a trickle down effect.

This is something that has so many suffering from a defeatist attitude.

Away from the corporate world, there are those lost amongst the clutter and ruins of click and clack and Tik and Tok while scrolling and scrolling and scrolling down the river and swimming upstream with the salmon.

The rat race has morphed into the online space which, in turn, has way too many with their heads in the clouds and with the forecast looking foggy.

How is any of this selfie behaviour helping- even in some small way- to get anyone to move forward and put Humpty Dumpty together again?

In this selfie world comprising endless self promotion, hypocrisy, jealousy, insecurities and petty politics, frankly speaking, in many ways, this is a worse pandemic than the one we’re still meant to be fighting because there’s a real lack of self belief and confidence.

What next?

That’s really up to you and me and what we think that we do best.

I write- music, articles, short stories, film scripts and let life lead me to where I need to go and be. But this is me.

One of the great joys of life is being with others with their own takes on life to offer and from whom we can learn new ways of improving this one world.

This coming together of individualism is a helluva powerful weapon against lethargy setting in.

Just saying. But also doing.

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