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The “We And Us” solution...

One of the great hopes of us Hong Kong people is that Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu and his team will somehow quickly help to ease the rabid fear and paranoia afflicting many in the city, something that will always be the legacy of his predecessor with her baffling daily updates with zero solutions.

Because of her shoddy mismanagement of Hong Kong, its people live in constant fear of being dragged out of their homes and taken to some place like Penny Bay and left to rot.

They have become serial alarmists glued to the latest government news reports and surviving in a stunted environment of negativity.

Imagine what this is doing, especially to the minds of children who don’t know any better.

For Mr Lee, the “we and us” campaign promise must be seen as working to loosen the invisible noose around Hong Kong’s neck.

What’s not needed are and bring more and more mandatory Covid tests, more vaccinations, more threats of new quarantine measures, and so much more of the same that Hong Kong becomes even more consumed by fear that nothing happens in the city except for everyone waiting for the big bad bogey man to come knocking at the door.

This would make everything that Mr Lee and his team are working on futile while sending a picture to the world of a Hong Kong in its death throes.

Illustration: Craig Stephens

Hardly a great advertisement for tourism and offering the community the confidence not to panic, is it?


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