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There's nothing wrong getting sappy

It had been playing in the background on and off for the past couple of months. This night, I was writing and wrestling trying to find answers to questions and never really watched “A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood”.

My girlfriend was out with friends, and this night, for some inexplicable reason, there were lines said by the characters that floated in and out of my head and which made me put everything down and watch the movie. It was time well spent.

Tom Hanks brilliantly morphing into the wonderful and very real Fred Rogers was not what I expected though, these days, it’s always good to suspend belief.

The movie follows the troubled and cynical investigative journalist Lloyd Vogel being sent on assignment to interview the popular television presenter.

The cynicism gives way when he realises that Mr Rogers is genuinely nice and kind and generous with his time. He expects nothing in return.

Sappy? No. It’s about letting go. Letting go of what? Ego, definitely.

It’s also about being thankful and making the time to help others. It’s realising that everyone has their own problems.

This isn’t some weird competition to show who has the “bigger problem”. It’s about listening and always being there offering support to those who need it.

Earlier in the day, we had watched “Jerry Maguire” together for the umpteenth time and cried in the usual places.

Sappy couple? Definitely. Nothing wrong with this. Helps me write. And writing almost always brings about a clarity and solutions to problems never seen before...

You need liftoff?

Watch “Jerry Maguire”.

Then watch it again.

And maybe a few days later, watch it again.

“Jerry Maguire” will inspire you.

And motivate you.

It will have you focus on finding your Dorothy Boyd.

We all need a cheerleader and life coach.

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